Automated messaging and guest communication

Save time with efficient, automated communication and a central inbox for Airbnb and Keep in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay.
Central inbox for Airbnb and
Custom templates
Sophisticated triggers
Send from your own E-mail address
WhatsApp Integration
Central inbox
Central inbox

Smart templates and triggers

Refined triggers define exactly when and under which conditions a message is sent. You can set to send:

  • based on the origin of the booking
  • certain time after booking, certain time before or after check-in, certain time before or after check-out
  • depending on the status of the booking
  • only if the booking has a defined criteria for example an extra
  • depending on whether a payment has been made or not

.... These are just a few examples of the almost unlimited options.

Hundreds of dynamic placeholder template variables customize your communication to the max.

Templates support both HTML and plain text.

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