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Play Women’s Golf Clubs Designed with You in Mind

The best ladies’ golf clubs are designed for the specific needs of female golfers like you. With shaft selections, head weights, and specialized technologies that compliment your swing, Cleveland Golf Women’s Golf Clubs provide you with optimized performance.


Women’s Wedges

The Cleveland Golf Women’s RTX-3 CB Wedge in Tour Satin has all the spin generation features of a professional tour wedge with a cavity back and perimeter weighting that boosts forgiveness. Plus, our women’s wedge features pink paint-fill accents that standout on the course and express your style.


The face of the Women’s RTX-3 CB Wedge uses all three Rotex technologies to produce maximum spin on every short game shot. Tour Zip Grooves increase grip while channeling any water or debris away from the golf ball at impact. Laser Milling increases friction with a face roughness right at the conforming limit. Directionally enhanced 2-Pass Micro Milling optimizes spin generation by loft, helping you execute difficult short game shots with remarkable ease and finesse.


Feel Balancing Technology within the Women’s RTX-3 CB Wedge gives you incredible feel on every shot, boosting your confidence and control. By removing material from the hosel and redistributing that mass to more ideal locations, Cleveland Golf engineers moved the center of gravity closer to the impact location for a women’s wedge. That shifted center of gravity creates better feel and gives you more control on all your wedge shots.


The sole and sole grind on the Women’s RTX-3 CB Wedge were specially designed to complement the characteristics of a woman’s golf swing. Considering the attack angle and speed of most women golfers’ swings, the V-shaped sole and V-MG grind optimize turf interaction on your wedge shots for more control and crisp, clean contact.


Women’s Putters

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection 1 Women’s Putter helps you sink it with fewer putts thanks to its classic tour-proven shape and premium materials. Feel just like a pro on the LPGA as you pull this classic blade shape from your bag and setup for your birdie putt.


The traditional blade putter is a favorite of many PGA and LPGA players; its compact shape and sleek look help boost your confidence at address. The 345 gram head weight of the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection 1 Women’s Putter is ideal for a lady’s putter stroke: enough mass to add stability without becoming uncomfortably heavy.


Ultra-soft 304 Stainless Steel produces exceptional feel and provides important feedback on long and short putts. Cleveland Golf tensile strength testing shows that 304 Stainless Steel is 51% softer than 17-4 Stainless Steel, a common putter material. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection 1 Women’s Putter gets you that premium soft feel that’s demanded by the best female golfers in the world.


Each Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection 1 Women’s Putter features a Precision Milled Face that has a coarse, diamond-shaped milling pattern. The deeper milling pattern improves feel at impact while increasing friction for a truer, more consistent roll.

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