Embrace Easy

Smart Sole 4 Wedges Smart Sole 4 Wedges Smart Sole 4

Smart Sole 4 is a straightforward short game system for the everyday player. There’s no tricky swing changes or open faces. Just grab your wedge, square up to the ball, and take a swing. Embrace easy: it’s a short game enjoyed.

A Simpler Short Game System

If you struggle with the short game, Smart Sole 4 provides the tools you need to score your best.

Smart Sole 4 Clubs

A Sand Wedge for easy bunker escapes. A Chipper for foolproof chips. And a forgiving Gap Wedge for approach shots into the green.

There’s a Smart Sole for every shot. Simply grab yours and swing.

Smart Sole 4 Clubs
Smart Sole 4 Wedge

Easy to Use, Easy to Hit

To help improve your short game, Smart Sole 4 Wedges feature extra-large cavity backs for extreme perimeter weighting.

Smart Sole 4 Wedge

It’s total short game forgiveness, so you can stop hacking away at those sand bunkers and start hacking away at your handicap.

More Sole, Less Chunk

The Sand Wedge’s extra-wide sole provides your best chance at getting out of the bunker in just one swing.

The Chipper’s extra-wide sole makes bump-and-runs as easy as a putting stroke.

Smart Sole 4 Wedge Stats

And the new Gap Wedge’s extra-wide sole is tuned for full and pitch shots. It ensures great contact, even when your swing isn’t perfect.

Smart Sole 4 Wedge Stats

More Spin, More Control

Watch your shots check and stop on a dime with new, more aggressive CNC Milled grooves. The sharp-edged grooves cut though grass and moisture for more friction at impact.

It’s a recipe for increased spin and stopping power on all your shots—that means fewer three-putts and lower scores in every round.

Smart Sole 4 CNC Milled Grooves

Play An Easier Short Game

It’s pretty clear: Smart Sole 4 makes the short game easier. No matter where you find your ball, there’s a Smart Sole Wedge to get you on the green. Order yours and enjoy simpler, easier Wedge play.

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